Madison's Photo Journey

Walled Lake

my adorable COTTAGE
lakeside studio!

Pinch me! My long awaited dream of taking over my adorable lakeside cottage studio has come true! A few have asked if they can just come back with a book to enjoy the view and soak up the charm. Of course! It's a women's happy place. :) Come visit my studio for a no obligation consultation & curl up with a coffee and we'll chat. 

bit of a detour

These year's were long and hard. I am completely better now and have my FAMILY and God to thank! A lot of thinking & dreaming made me realize that photographing women and the one's she loves is truly where my heart is. It's become my mission to show woman of all ages how utterly beautiful, special and powerful they are regardless of weight, age, wrinkles & life. Your loved one's only see see your light, shine and soul. You matter! Your babies are going to look for pictures of you one day and what are they going to find? To say this is my mission, my heart & soul is an understatement.


I finally woke up! "Tomorrow is not promised to anyone!" I needed to do my photography. So I started my business and got busy really fast. I loved making and exploring elaborate custom sets and really found my artist style. 


Went to a Vertical Horizon concert at Pine Knob and met my husband! We've been together for almost 20 years. Started our family right away and are now blessed with my favorite photo subjects -
 Frankie and Abby.



Growing up in L.I., NY my friend knew how obsessed I was about photography. so he introduced me to his uncle Harvey Edwards, a very well known photographer that became my first mentor. I was a freckled faced, curly haired girl with braces, and my 1st day in the studio was ... well, I still laugh! 


Oh boy! Lucky me! Got a darkroom in my basement. I'd run home from school and be in there all night. Loved it although my mom not so much! I'd go through a box of paper @ $50 a night! 

12 Years

My dad gave me my first camera and and I was hooked! I wish I still had it but it's with the dolphins in the Bahamas somewhere.

Graduated from MSU (great time), then couldn't handle the real world so I jumped on a plane and became Aspen Mountain's Photographer. After that stint, I flew back to Michigan and entered the real word. I spent my 20's, in a good paying job, not doing my passion. I wish I followed my heart to work in a big studio.

"Leg Warmer's"
by Harvey Edwards

Call me, let's do this!

I love photographing the everyday woman, and I especially love spoiling the forgotten ones, you know those women in your life - your mom, grandmother or even you. The one's who say, "No not me."
Part photo shoot, part coffee date, part Mamma Mia! movie set, we'll laugh, we'll cry, blast music or whatever to help bring YOU out. I’ve got you. You’re safe with me. I believe every woman deserves a beautiful portrait of them now, to celebrate the perfectly imperfect woman that you are. 

photographer, PHOTO NUT, LEGACY enthusiast, softie for older people & believer that all women have superpowers

I'm Madison

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